Republicans Aid Kanye West’s Bid to Get on the 2020 Ballot

Soon after his announcement, he explained that he was going to use a Wakanda-like management approach, referring to the fictional country from “Black Panther.” His running mate, Michelle Tidball, is a self-described “biblical life coach” based in Cody, Wyo., where the Wests have a ranch. Ms. Tidball, according to TMZ, once advocated making beds and doing dishes as a way to treat mental illness.

Mr. West has missed the filing deadlines in a number of states, and on Tuesday he appeared to have abandoned efforts to get on the ballot in New Jersey, but he could still be a spoiler in other states. Mr. Jacoby said he hoped that news media attention underscored the complexity of getting on the ballot and “the need to modernize such ballot access laws to make it easier for every American who wants to serve.”

During an appearance in South Carolina last month, Mr. West broke down crying. He later tweeted that his wife, Ms. West, “tried to bring a doctor to lock me up.” Amid his erratic behavior, Ms. Kardashian West has spoken out about her husband’s struggles with mental illness, and Mr. West has publicly apologized to his wife for some of his comments.

So with little resemblance to a viable campaign, it is unclear why ballots are still being gathered on Mr. West’s behalf. A spokeswoman for Mr. West referred questions to the campaign, which did not respond to requests for comment. A spokeswoman for the Kardashian family also had no immediate comment.

During the 2016 campaign, Mr. Trump’s staff aimed to depress turnout among Black voters after determining that its own appeal to African-Americans was slim. His appeal to Black voters that year was, “What do you have to lose?”

A recent commercial by the Trump campaign demonstrates that this continues to be part of its strategy. The ad focuses on tough-on-crime legislation supported by Mr. Biden during his Senate career, claiming that “Joe Biden’s policies destroyed millions of Black lives,” while ads aimed at whites claim that Democrats are too soft on crime.

The strategy of depressing turnout among Black voters has also been a favorite of Roger Stone, Mr. Trump’s longtime political adviser; Mr. Trump commuted Mr. Stone’s prison sentence earlier this year after his conviction on seven felony charges.

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