Bryan Cranston Says Filming ‘Contagion’ Gave Him False Hope About Real Pandemic

On Monday’s broadcast of “The Tonight Show,” Cranston told host Jimmy Fallon that he’d never imagined — while filming his role of Rear Adm. Lyle Haggerty in the 2011 film — that he’d one day live through a real pandemic.

“I didn’t. I thought that, if Scott Burns who wrote it and Steve Soderbergh who directed it, were so on top of it and we had consultants from the CDC, it was really well covered,” Cranston explained. “And I thought, with this much attention on a Hollywood movie script, the government’s got this. I wouldn’t worry about a thing. They’re gonna take care of it, we’re fine. No.”

“We’re actually living in it now and the way in the movie that the virus became a contagion is very similar to what actually happened in COVID-19,” added Cranston, who tested positive for the coronavirus in early March and has since donated his plasma for scientific research. 

Check out the full interview above and the trailer for “Contagion” below:

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