Biden Announces $280 Million Fall Ad Buy Across 15 States

On the call, senior Biden operatives detailed their plans to use paid media to target core constituencies including Latino, African-American and Asian-American and Pacific Islander voters, as well as both young and older voters.

Symone Sanders, a senior adviser to the campaign, said the team plans to pursue a youth-focused advertising program that will include both televised communications and a significant digital presence. Mr. Biden struggled with younger voters in the primary and must find ways to energize them this fall.

“We are committed to pursuing all avenues to connect with younger voters,” Ms. Sanders said, pointing to options including “expanding our paid media presence with younger-skewing apps like Snapchat.”

And when it comes to Latino outreach, the campaign intends to “reserve a large bulk of advertising across Colorado, Florida, Arizona, Nevada and Virginia,” as well as to make “investments in Latino paid media in Pennsylvania and North Carolina,” according to the accompanying memo.

Cristóbal Alex, a senior adviser to the campaign, said the team was committed to advertising in ways that reflect a range of Latino experiences in the United States, with messages focused on the crises facing the nation, including “Trump’s response to the civil unrest that remind Hispanics, in fact, in some ways, of a strongman.”

“Our ads will speak to the diverse Latino population, such as Mexican-Americans in Arizona, Puerto Ricans in Orlando, Cubans in Miami,” Mr. Alex said. “It’s a very diverse community and we get that.”

Biden campaign officials expressed confidence in the state of a race that shows their candidate leading many national polls by double digits, with a vice-presidential selection expected next week and the national convention the week after that.

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