Hitting the Road (or Trail) on a Guided Hotel Run

The hotel offers weekly organized runs, often with Mr. Vialli at the helm, in collaboration with the local fitness collective Wy’east Wolfpack. The four- to six-mile route, which often weaves along the Willamette River, is open to hotel guests, hotel employees and locals.

“Portland’s not that big — the entire city can be almost covered within a 10-mile run. People are blown away at how beautiful the city is and how easy it is to get around,” said Mr. Vialli.

At The Point, on Upper Saranac Lake in upstate New York, guests can flex their muscles with the assistant general manager and triathlete, Tony Loscavio. Because the intimate hotel has only 11 rooms, runs take place on demand and can range from four to nine miles.

Every Thursday at 6:30 a.m., just as “the city that never sleeps” awakens, Eric Amador, the Westin Times Square’s operational excellence manager, leads a handful of guests on a 3.2-mile jog along the Hudson River Greenway.

“New York is a great city to see on foot for two reasons: density and diversity. Walk or run 10 blocks in any direction and you’re likely to find yourself in a new neighborhood, each with its own unique story,” Mr. Amador said.

The 873-room Times Square hotel is one of 250 Westin properties worldwide, from Nashville to Maui, with run concierges under the brand’s runWESTIN umbrella program. Like Mr. Amador, most have another official role — say, as a manager or front desk agent.

“There’s no better way to kick jet lag and feel situated in a new city than by getting outdoors for an easy two- or three-mile run or walk,” said the Westin global run concierge, Chris Heuisler, who leads runWESTIN globally. “Aside from the physical benefits of running, it provides our guests the opportunity to really immerse themselves in the sights, smells and sounds of their destination.”

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