Seth Meyers Just Can’t With Donald Trump’s ‘Insane New Paranoid’ Conspiracy Theory

Trump at a campaign rally in Florida on Tuesday claimed he was fighting back at people who want to change the name “Thanksgiving” to something more politically correct.

Meyers, the host of NBC’s “Late Night,” wasn’t having it.

“One thing we know about Trump is that his brain is basically a toxic waste dump with a bunch of trash, debris, just floating around in there,” he said. “And apparently one particular piece of brain litter that got lodged in his skull recently is an insane and completely nonsensical idea that there are people out there who want to change the name of ‘Thanksgiving.’”

“We could change it to “what the fuck are you talking about?’” Meyers then asked. “Because nobody, nobody wants to change the name of Thanksgiving.”

He offered an explanation for Trump’s claim:

You see, as the impeachment inquiry intensifies and Trump keeps losing, he and his allies on Fox News have to keep inventing insane new paranoid conspiracy theories to whip up their base and keep them in line. First, it was the war on Christmas, now it’s Thanksgiving, what’s next?

Meyers later suggested Trump’s next target.

War on Halloween, anyone?

Check out the clip above.

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